• Become A #ThroughThePain Ambassador

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  • What is a #ThroughThePain Ambassador?

    #ThroughThePain Ambassadors are Resilient, Inspirational and Charismatic individuals who

    • Willing to share their struggles with Chronic Illness or Chronic Pain 
    • Willing to support others suffering from Chronic Pain and/or chronic illness
    •  Social media suave
    • Interested in Blogging/ Vlogging

    What are the Perks of being a #ThroughThePain Ambassador?

    Ambassadors have the chance to represent #ThroughThePain across all platforms & within local communities.

    • Opportunity to represent the brand at events
    • 15%-20% off #ThroughThePain merchandise 
    • Opportunity to be featured on #ThroughThePain blog, website, and social media

    What are the Roles of a #ThroughThePain Ambassador?

    •  A minimum of 1 blog or 4 social media promo posts per month 
    • Take photos in promotional #ThroughThePain gear
  • How do I become a #ThroughThePain Ambassador?

    Click the link below to apply!


    Make sure you have a headshot and resume available for upload.

    For more information email:


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