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Dima Hendricks


Dima Hendricks, a resilient sickle cell advocate and co-founder of #ThroughThePain Inc., has dedicated over two decades to championing health awareness. Her journey includes conducting health workshops and contributing to various panel discussions. Collaborating with esteemed organizations like the American Red Cross and the American Heart and Stroke Association, Dima has extended her impact in the health community.

In addition to her advocacy, Dima has an impressive history in pageantry. She has earned titles such as Miss Black Dorchester USA, Miss Black Massachusetts USA, Mrs. Massachusetts International, and the 2024 International Mrs New England. Her experience in the pageant world spans over ten years, during which she has taken on roles as a director, coach, and judge.

Dima's inspiring story of overcoming obstacles is captured in her book "Unleashing Royalty," where readers can discover her journey to triumph.

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Dima Hendricks
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