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1. The History of Sickle Cell Research

 In this inaugural episode, we delve into the history of sickle cell research with esteemed guests Vence Bonham Jr., JD, and Dr. Matthew Hsieh.

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#ThroughTheGenes is an informative podcast series highlighting the risks, benefits, and limitations of gene-based therapies as a curative option for sickle cell disease. The show is hosted by sickle sisters, Wunmi Bakare and Dima Hendricks, taking you behind the lived experience of patients who participated in the curative process; revealing their high, lows and everything in between.


This collaborative effort aims to help patients and their support networks navigate emerging developments in gene therapies for sickle cell disease. The clinical information referenced on #ThroughTheGenes was taken from patient educational materials developed by the Democratizing Education for Sickle Cell Disease Gene Therapy Project supported by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI-NIH).

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