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Foundational Pillars

#ThroughThePain is built on four (4) foundational pillars: Blood Donation, Education, Mental Health, and Sickle Cell Community Empowerment. Our commitment to these pillars is unwavering, as they represent the heart of our mission to support individuals affected by sickle cell disease and promote positive change in their lives.

Our 4 Pillars 

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Pillar One

Blood Donations

With our partnership with the American Red Cross, we strive to ensure a steady supply of healthy blood for SCD Warriors. 

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Pillar Three


Our dedication to community education seeks to arm individuals affected by sickle cell disease and their support networks with the information they need

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Pillar Two

Community Empowerment

We believe in fostering a sense of belonging, strength, and self-reliance within the sickle cell community. 

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Pillar Four

Mental Health

Through comprehensive mental health support, we provide a safe space for open dialogue, emotional healing, and access to mental health resources.

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